The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® system is a biofeedback tool that gives scientific information and objective interpretations for the full and it's body electromagnetic field and seven major energy centres. The Biopulsar technology incorporates several proven sciences such as biofeedback, neuroscience, reflexology, kinesiology, palmistry and body and colour languages to name a few, making it the most advanced bioenergetics technology in the world!


Accessing the "real-time" energetic information in a few different formats allows
the practitioner to instantly analyze the patient on a holistic level–not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Formats illustrated on screen include organ graphs, colour organ analysis of the reflex zones, full & half body biofield pictures and chakra analysis. Additional supporting software programs are available.


Crystal Light Therapy

We understand that holistic practitioners, healing centres, and medical clinics may have different needs. To accommodate our customers, we have several different models that include different handplate sizes, left and right hands, and even machines that cater to children.

Unlike aura photographs, the variation of software running on your Biopulsar can be unique to each practitioner. Biopulsar Reflexographs use a combination of softwares to measure organ, aura and chakra health, giving you a more holistic approach to healing. Additional software can be added to suit your individual needs.

Although our customers are welcome to buy individual items as they require, we have combined various hardware and softwares, creating packages to suit different businesses seeking a cost effective option.

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