The Biopulsar® system is highly beneficial and cost effective for conventional and alternative practitioners, revealing real-time changes in a person’s psychology and health. The reliability of the vitality reading of an organ’s health is comparable to many other more expensive measuring devices. The Biopulsar will also help you attract more clients by adding to your professional services an integrated approach based on a scientific foundation. The Biopulsar system is a bridge that unifies both sciences.


Thanks to the Biopulsar, you can picture the effectiveness of your therapies. The brain imaging and biofeedback capabilities, combined with your expertise, will give you a wealth of useful information about the mechanics of a complex symptom, as well as colour intelligence factors of a condition. Furthermore, the Biopulsar complements a variety of different disciplines such as Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Chiropractic Care, Homeopathy, Nutritional, Hypnotherapy, Neural-Therapy, Dentistry, Reflex Zone Therapy, Kinesiology, etc.






Ayurvedic Medicine

In Ayurvedic medicine, at the level of the individual mind there are three types of activity, which correspond to active "Pitta" energy, passive "Kapha" energy and unifying "Vata" energy.  These three energies types are modified by three processes: spiritual, mental and physical and can be seen quite easily on the Biopulsar Reflexograph® graph analysis, as well as in the colour patterns. The Biopulsar helps the Ayurvedic practitioner to instantly see the vata, pitta or kapha pulse in 43 organs. As well, the practitioner can easily analyze the meridian chi flow in individual organ graphs.

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The vitality and pattern of an organ’s energy reflects its chi and each reflex zone can be examined for its connection to the various meridian systems. As well, the Biopulsar allows for the practitioner to see if there are other areas of weakness or stress that they may not be able to feel through the pulse.


As each colour represents a quality trait, the practitioner can also view which colour energies may be missing in the patient’s energy field and the areas of emotional, mental or physical imbalances. Also, using the language of colour one can determine whether the energy is yin or yang. The system works with the "chi" (vital energy) that circulates through the 12 meridian systems via the reflex zones that relate to all internal organs.


The biofeedback graphs correspond to the pulse wave of an organ, which are produced by the predominant life energy (chi). In the swinging and amplitude of the biofeedback graph the activity of the elements are revealed.

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As each vertebra is connected to an organ, the Biopulsar allows the Chiropractor an overview of the energy flow through the spinal column via the organ connection. Over time a Chiropractor can document where the organ imbalances are reoccurring and prescribe additional support treatments or exercises. The Biopulsar will give the practitioner deeper insight into the client’s patterns of stress including thought patterns.

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The Biopulsar displays through its colours the negative programs, which are expressed in the mind and body. Together the practitioner and patient can review response patterns to "stuck" programs through the Biopulsar’s instant biofeedback capabilities. This feature allows the patient to visually see (in real-time) their reaction to certain events–the internal programming–within their body and mind dynamics thereby getting to the source of the conflict instantly! The Biopulsar is like a full body and mind lie detector.

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Naturopathic Medicine

Using the Biopulsar, the Naturopath will be able to see the health of the body together with the state of the patient’s current mental and emotional state and possible previous thoughts and issues.


Also, as in kinesiology, the Biopulsar can be used to review the client’s organ response to natural medicines and modalities. Using the Biopulsar testing belts or applying the product or treatment, the practitioner can easily view the biofeedback graphs to note whether the response to the body is positive or depletes or causes stress in any of organs. This method is faster and more accurate than muscle testing!

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The Biopulsar allows the practitioner to document and visually see in real-time the changes of body and mind in both organ and colour levels. Colour patterns can be recorded with specific thoughts. For example, as a client thinks a thought the practitioner can study if the exact same colour shows up elsewhere in the body and in this way documents the mind/body connection to help release any blockages.

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The Biopulsar helps the practitioner to instantly document negative thoughts/responses while the clients keeps their hand on the handplate. In the colour language each colour is connected to different emotional, mental, physical or spiritual issues thereby supporting the mind/body therapy.

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Reflexology & Zone Therapy

It is well known by modern medicine that the internal organs are represented on the surface of the body by areas of skin that share the same nerve supplies as these organs. The Biopulsar reads 49 reflex zones allowing the practitioner to tap into the consciousness of the organ vitality.

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The Biopulsar has been proven useful to validate one’s intuition and to help increase one’s intuitiveness of bioenergetics and body analysis. You can use the Biopulsar’s colour and brain graphs to explore brain power, psychic abilities and other phenomena.

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