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Below are some of the most common inquiries prospective practitioners and patients have concerning the Biopulsar Reflexograph®. Throughout this FAQ, you'll find links to other sections of our site that may provide you with more thorough and specific information. As always, a representative would be happy to speak with you about any questions or concerns you may have.


Q: What is the relationship between the zones of the palm and inner organs?


A: The Biopulsar measures skin resistance of the reflex zones of the palm. The philosophy is that meridians, which are connected with inner organs, open through the reflex zones of the body. When the energy of the organ changes, then the skin resistance at the peripheral zones is also changing.



Q: How can you get information about the conscious mind by measuring palm zones?


A: If thoughts and emotions are changing–consciously or unconsciously–then skin resistance changes proportionally. In the study of bioenergetics each thought and every feeling is in resonance with a meridian and an organ. For example, this means that anger changes the chi flow in the liver meridian and thus in the liver. A disease like hepatitis can develop due to lasting rage and anger. Any–and every–subtle change of the chi flow due to consciousness shows immediately in a change of the appropriate reflex zone.



Q: What education or knowledge should I have to interpret the Biopulsar biofeedback data?


A: Conventional or complementary medical education, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis or knowledge of elemental medicine or bioenergetics would be beneficial. Colour and Chakra knowledge is also beneficial.



Q: Is it possible to interpret the biofeedback data without training?


A:  Yes, if you have the appropriate knowledge. An interpretation of the individual reflex zones can occur in various ways:


1. Vitality: From the vitality graph you can see the health of an organ. Values below 40 indicate an energetic weakness. In the 25 to 40 range there is a tendency for inflammation; and below 25 range, indicates a weakness or an energetic emptiness.


2. Dynamics of a biofeedback graph: By observing the progression of a graph you can see the constitution of a person, as well as of an organ.


When the graphs are straight, run on a balanced vitality, and do not show any fluctuations, there is inner stability and harmony. If the graphs are indicating a low vitality–where the graph lines are near the bottom–this shows chronic emptiness and low reaction.


When there are small fluctuations, small amplitudes from time to time and the graph runs on a more or less straight line then there is higher sensitivity; however, the power can be kept even in situations of stress.


When there are strong fluctuations and high amplitudes, the energy status of the organ is very unstable. The power cannot be held constantly in situations of stress–it drops and in order to rise again, it must take energy from other organs. Thus the general life force will be gradually reduced.


When the energy starts at a certain vitality point, but drops slowly after a short time of measuring, there is a weakness in this specific organ.


3. Ayurvedic Biotype Analysis: If you understand the Ayurvedic medical philosophy, analysis is very easy with the Biopulsar, as the biofeedback graphs are self-explanatory. The biofeedback graphs correspond to the pulses of an organ, as the organ pulse is being produced by the prevailing life force. The pulse frequency reveals something about the most important meridians which connect the pranic energy streams in the body and which go through the vital organs.


A Vata-Pulse–which is a dominance of the air and ether elements, is prevailing when the pulse shows less vitality and has strong fluctuations. Vata signifies reduced life force and strong instability.


A Pitta-Pulse–which is a dominance of the fire element, shows as a high vitality with a falling tendency after a short time of measuring and less fluctuation in the amplitude. Pitta has much vitality, but loses it quickly.


A Kapha-Pulse–which is a dominance of the earth and water elements, shows with a straight pulse line with very little fluctuation. The vitality is more balanced. You can find out the general biotype constitution by considering the percentages of the different pulse types. If you find more pitta and vata pulses, then you can speak of a pitta-vata constitution.


4. Meridian Diagnosis: You can easily determine a diagnosis and therapy plan if you understand the Chinese medical philosophy. You get a good view of the power and dynamics of the chi flow in the individual meridians from the biofeedback graphs. The Biopulsar offers an indirect meridian measuring as the meridians are opening through the reflex zones. All reflex zones of the hand data are measured every 0.2 seconds. This data forms the biofeedback graph, which is similar to an EEC. The pulse curves are produced through the activity of the brain in interaction with the consciousness and the energy of the cells.


5. Colour Constitution Assessment: This is one of the strongest features of the Biopulsar. As the medical world gets more into bioenergics and auragraphy, the importance of evaluating the colour wavelength of an organ will be key to understanding both the physical and energetic condition of the organ. Individual colour organ analysis gives information if the organ is energetically weak or dehydrated, inflamed, phlegmy, toxic, etc. The hue also shows the psyche of the organ according to the principle of colour interpretation. An overall detailed aura diagnosis, which is only available on the Biopulsar's refined aura organ measuring features, clearly illustrates the body-mind connection via the colour data.


Note: The Biopulsar is the only certified medical device in the world to show the aura of every organ in the body, individually.



Q: Can I–as an acupuncturist–determine a therapy plan from the biofeedback graphs?


A: Yes! There is harmony when the biofeedback graph is running around 60, which is the 4th stroke in the graph. Its electromagnetic colour is displayed in a green/turquoise colour.


If the graphs run higher than 65 in the body dynamics, it shows that there is too much energy in this zone–a so-called "energy jam"–energy congestion. You should then reduce the energy with acupuncture needles.


However, if the biofeedback graph runs between 30-40, you must add energy. (If the data is running below 30, a moxa might be recommended.)


Sometimes the distribution of the energy is stagnated and possibly blocked, by some organs being over-active and registering high in the graph while in others the activity is low. When the pulsations differ greatly at organs located close together (in a chakra/zone area), there is tension–and tension means stress and pain. With a proper acupuncture treatment, the energies can be balanced again and the pain will subsequently disappear. This will be shown in the biofeedback graph immediately. Consequently, this device is useful for monitoring and controlling the therapeutic treatment. We have found that the different temperaments can be seen in the organ graphs.



Q: Can I test remedies or bioenergy products with the Biopulsar?


A: Yes! This happens in a similar manner to muscle testing, which we know from kinesiology or the Nogier RAC test. The philosophy behind it is that if I take something harmful, the life force of the cells of the corresponding organs will be reduced. I become weaker and you can easily press my arm down. The chi in the meridians becomes reduced and, subsequently, the pulse becomes weaker (RAC measuring). This philosophy is confirmed by the Biopulsar measurements.


You can test this with the following exercise: Position your patient’s left hand on the Biopulsar. Place the remedy you want to test in your patient’s right hand or on their thymus gland. After 1 to 2 minutes, you will recognize if there is a reaction and on which organs; whether it adds life force or reduces it. It becomes problematic if life force is being reduced at zones that are already weak. How the so-called "side effect" will be created can be seen energetically. Important Note: The Biopulsar displays the 45 organs so you can instantly see each organ’s individual response to the remedy or treatment tested!



Q: What can I do with the aura pictures?


A: The biofield pictures are not only colour animation, but also correspond to over 90% of the real bioenergy field that you can subjectively perceive. You can learn, through training, to see the electromagnetic energy just as it is seen with the Biopulsar. Every human possesses sensors by which he can register this energy field; however, in most cases this happens in the subconsciousness.


You can detect the consciousness of a person very quickly with a Biopulsar "aura" picture. You and the client can recognize at a glance the weaknesses in the body and in the mind. Inflammations often show in red colours, immune reactions in yellow, and depletion and depression in grey colours.



Q: What do the colours mean?


A: The colours around the head represent the electromagnetic energy from the brain parameters and indicate how the person thinks and their present consciousness. Whereas, the colours around the body show the interaction of the consciousness with the organs. The colour interpretations are in correlation with the colour, chakra and organ languages. As well, both the graph lines and colour vitality determines the health of that correlating body part. How the organ pulses deviate from the optimum green-turquoise harmony line indicates either deficiency or excesses. Within a zone area if one organ shows in a high energy and another in a low energy the result is usually felt by the client as tension or pain–problem areas–as these organs do not pulsate in harmony together. In this case the colours displayed will be from opposite ends of the spectrum. With acupuncture, massage or other therapy treatments and/or medicines, you can restore balance in these zones.



Q: Can I use the Biopulsar for therapy?


A: Yes! The Biopulsar is very helpful in psychotherapy and most of all in mental training. For example, if a person thinks of a bad situation, which causes them stress, the colours in the head area as well as possibly in their body dynamics change by displaying the colours that correlate to that issue. By bringing awareness to the effect of responding in a more positive way the person can change the way they view certain situations, and in the long term prevent illness. Energy follows thought! Through negative thoughts the life force is affected and this will be shown in the biofield colours and by the organ parameters reacting in a downward pattern. By retraining the mind and thought processes a patient can develop consciousness about the relationship between their psyche, thoughts and physical condition.


By encouraging the patient to think of positive things, the affirming thoughts will show the pulses of the organs becoming stronger and harmonized again–the life force will be amplified. And when the patient can see how their thoughts influence their health, s/he is more open to work constructively at the therapeutic process. This biofeedback method is a powerful tool for re-training habitual thought patterns... thereby refocusing energy, improving overall well-being and supporting self-empowerment.




Q: Are patients open to seeing their biofield–their aura?


A: The general experience has been that colour animation facilitates quicker rapport with patients. There is not only fascination with the aura picture but it also serves as an aid to communication as it reflects the unseen reality. The patient can see for her/himself what her/his body parameters reflect and is more open and ready to talk about her/his issues.




Q: Why did the manufacturer not provide any interpretation texts?


A: Most practitioners want to have the liberty to interpret the measured biofeedback data according to their medical knowledge and subsequently arrange the appropriate treatment (rather than a manufacturer’s or generic information). Furthermore, the therapist has the possibility of establishing her/his own repertoire. The Biopulsar allocates various colours to the interpretation texts of each organ, which allows for more specific data input. Note: In our experience, as each person has their own unique energy field, a generic report does not address all of the client’s concerns. Also the client feels more supported in knowing that their consultation is personalized to their needs.



Q: When compared with other similar diagnostic devices in the therapeutic field, what are the advantages of purchasing the Biopulsar?



1. The relationship between the price versus the comprehensive nature of the system’s capabilities.


2. It is easy to operate, extremely accurate and efficient.


3. It bears no influence on the body’s energy system compared to other systems such as high frequency machines (Kirlian) that can alter the meridian energy. Measurements from the terminal points of other units are often not sufficient or accurate on a diagnostic level; they take more time and are not convenient for the patient.


4. The multiple functions of the software and the presentation possibilities give a fast and detailed overview of the energy status of the organs in a scientific manner (no other system details a body colour analysis to this degree). In addition, the aura picture gives the ability for a biofield counsellor to understand their client’s energy though the language of the colour qualities (their true person) and this ultimately improves the communicative relationship between the therapist and patient.




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