Features & Benefits

Learn more about the Biopulsar-Reflexograph®’s incredible technology and to see if you qualify in owning your own system.




Ideal for: Remedy and Product Testing, Pulse Diagnosis (TMC, Ayurveduc, etc.), Physical and Biofield Analysis as well as Holistic and Psychological Counseling

Record, Replay and Repeat

Function for reviewing and monitoring a client's improvements

All owners are professionally educated and certified by a true Biofield and Colour Energy expert

Helps to increase your profits with new services and treatments

Can be operated by staff; saving you valuable time and money

Suitable for all levels of users

Progress reports


Unbiased Testing

Shows individual organ zone vitality

Non genetic or hypothetical data

Reflex Zone Biofeedback of Complete Body Via 43 Organs

Biopulsar Analyst Certification

and Support Hotline

Easy to Operate

Accuracy in ability to analyze organs, full body aura and

chakra vitality

No other aura technology offers such detailed training of

the aura, chakras, and body, mind and spirit connection

Quantifiable and provable results

of individual organ, chakra

and aura measurings

Additional Assistant

Software Programs

Allows you to advance your knowledge into various fields

Less expensive than most other diagnostic and biofeedback systems

Payback is fast and easy







The Biopulsar-Reflexograph offers many opportunities to expand or complement your existing business or practice. As a Biopulsar analyst, you will be able to offer your patients various types of services:


• Instant Chakra Analysis

• Aura Consultations (Mind, Body &Spirit)

• Overall Health Diagnosis

• Biofeedback Therapy

• Remedy Testing (before and after readings)

• Sample Monthly Profit Calculation

For more details on how you can use the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® in your health practice, and increase you company's profile and profitability, please contact us and speak with a representative.




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This chart provides an overview of income possibilities:





Basic Biofield Consultation

35 minute session for $55

Includes aura and chakra reading

Complete Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness Consultation 90 minute session for $125. Includes Chakra and aura vitality organ check-up and analysis of the Scans and Report

Full Body Energy Analysis with Biofield Consultation 60 minute session for $100.













*NOTE: Monthly income does not include additional revenues that can be generated by increasing product sales or enchancing other services offered (Chromalive Treatment, Energy Personality Report, full body vitality scan, etc.)

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph not only expands your energy analysis capabilities, allowing you to identify a wider range of exisiting and potential conditions, it also helps to improve patient communication, comprehension and case acceptance.

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